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Hi, I'm Tara


I'm so happy you are here!

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And I’m so happy you’re here! From beginning as a broke beauty professional in my twenties to a business and financial expert to finally returning to the salon a decade later to become a “six-figure” hairstylist!


I believe in second chances and all things ARE POSSIBLE, If it's your passion!" 

Since 1999 as a California Girl, I've worked in many different roles in our industry. I've managed salons and developed experts and beauty professionals from the West Coast to East Coast. I have helped many creatives, and passionate hairstylists accomplish their goals and achieve the lifestyles they desire. I save professionals thousands of dollars in unnecessary classes, failed marketing strategies, and bad business practices. 

Together we reduce their work hours and eliminate health-damaging stress. As a "beautypenure" Coach, I'm not about cookie-cutter or trending methods. It's about creating a unique approach and style for you and your business. I love partnering with passionate professionals who desire to be one of the Elite

My Elite journey has taught me you don't have to be the best, perfect, or super experienced to be in the top 20%, those who make $100,000 or more in the beauty industry. You only need a different approach. 

There was a time in my career when I ultimately had no hope. I didn’t know how to make ends meet and work my job. Something was missing, and it wasn’t clients, skill, or an ability to hustle. Unable to figure it out, I eventually quit. I spent years working unsatisfied as a Salon Representative, Relator, Financial Advisor, and Bank Manager. I secretly and deeply missed my first love. Finally, I overcame the internal lies that said, “I was a failure,” and decided to return to the salon. 

However, this time I had an “Ace” up my sleeve. In the beginning, I didn’t understand essential business, money management, or self-development. Just like you, it’s something beauty school couldn’t teach me. After I relicensed, I paired my business experience with my skills as a Hairstylist, and BAM! in less than a year, I flipped my past script from failure to Success! I had a limited clientele and no network, But I was able to Take Home 6 Figures (I still do!)  And now, I’m dedicating the next phase of my cosmetology journey to sharing all my beautiful moneymaking habits and business secrets with YOU

I’ve extended my service menu to include business coaching for beauty and wellness professionals. If you’re here on my site, I bet you are a "Beautypreneur," and I’ll show you how to dominate our industry. I specialize in helping you build a business and personal life you love... let’s say I take the business of inner and outer beauty very seriously.

​I’m a recovering empath, perfectionist, and overachiever (and I have paid the price numerous times, compromising my physical and mental health.) As a woman, I know what you need personally and professionally to level up and overcome all the limiting garbage that gets in the way of your full potential. I understand all the personal, financial, and cultural beliefs we adopt as women that create unnecessary damage to ourselves, our relationships, families, and our future.  

​My goal is to coach professionals (even introverts) on what I’ve learned about overcoming fear and “putting myself out there.” I’ll show you how to embrace your divine self and leverage your inner business genius. I’ll teach you how to create a life, clientele, and beauty business you’ll love without sacrificing anything critical to your success (except toxic beliefs and mindsets). You don’t have to “hustle” to earn $9,000 a month in our business; it is possible to have an enjoyable life and a thriving career. ​

In the “Elite Cosmetologist” program, I work with you right where you are and help you get to your six-figure dreams! Even if you think you have huge roadblocks, you can still get $9,000 a month if we do it together. Think, I’m kind of like Google Maps. You get to give me your current location and your desired destination. Together we will choose your driving route, and I’ll be here as your compassionate navigator along the way. The truth is that most passionate professionals don’t wait to get started. “Next exit… book a free discovery call with me!”    



a business leader and licensed professional with a creative set of skills who overcome and learn from their setbacks and succeed in various settings to provide over-the-top opportunities for their clients to continuously experience and fall in love with themselves and their wellness. MANY BEAUTYPRENEURS SEE POTENTIAL IN THIS MARKET.


I'm Your
Business Coach

How I can Help?

I bet you are a bit like me and desire an entire book of high-paying clients, better work hours, and gratitude for abundant growth to live a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, and exciting life to achieve your dreams! But you are struggling to get and keep clients; you experience extreme sales anxiety, and you are drowning in-salon drama and trauma. Plus, you're trying to keep up with the Instagram influencers and stay off Yelp. 

It’s all too much! Let me ask you two simple questions. Do you have a proven success plan or system in place? Do you have guided support? School prepared you for state boards, you've grown your techniques and skill but your still not growing. Why? Because you we never prepared for the business of beauty. I'm here to reignite your passion by helping you increase your confedience, income and client referrals regardless of your skill level or experience. I can even assist you in launching a booth, suite or boutique.


My mission as a Business Success Coach and Personal Mentor is to introduce you to your inner 'beautypenure'! By offering an array of virtual support, and personal coaching programs ranging from one-on-one to group packages full of passionate professionals like you.


Together you will level-up! I promise to deliver high-impact actionable resources to give you immediate results and the personal leverage to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. The way I see it, as your next step you can book a free call or join the "Elite Cosmetologist" Facebook Community.  

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characterized by creativity, integrity and the art of taking financial risks in the hope of profit; beautyprising: a beautypreneurial culture | our beautypreneurial spirit thrives on meeting every challenge. 


Three things that many people don’t know about me:

1) As a child, I survived a life-threatening accident with the help of a risky experimental surgery, and for five years, I lived out of a hospital room where I used sign language until I re-learned to speak.

2) As a young woman, I struggled with healing from domestic violence and the sexual abuse. I later worked crisis and suicide hotlines in college because every woman deserves to be heard and thrive.

3) After bouncing back from a stroke at 29 years old. I am still a proud wife and mother to “Sullivan,” my dachshund, beauty business owner, beauty business coach, ministry leader, and mental health advocate.

If you’re a beauty professional or business owner and need help, I’d love to see what I can do! Although I don’t do non-profit or business consulting anymore, I will work with your salon/spa team members to create a flight of high earning professionals. I also work with women looking to transition from a salon to a suite/booth structure, or you can connect with me in person by joining my Elite Cosmetologists Community…

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So lovely to meet you!

xo Tara


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