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Have a question?

Want to know a bit more about me or my coaching services? To help you get answers quickly, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular questions I’ve received from clients, accompanied by thorough answers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch by booking a free call I am always happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to be successful?

That’s a loaded question! But here are two things I find to improve success. Our modern culture has leveled up and gone digital. I believe that as a beauty professional, you can easily tap into the virtual marketplace by creating a (business)social media account on platforms such as Instagram & Facebook (I have reasons for focusing on these platforms at the exclusion of all others), The top 20% of cosmetologists use them to reach out to potential clients and showcase their portfolios. Still, most of them leverage new technologies like free client booking apps. (Paid is better). Time management is essential; it has helped me be more proactive and at least 80% more productive. I’ve been able to keep most of my clients just by allowing them to book easily from their smartphones.

Imagine! I can help you implement the tools and systems needed to wake up every morning peacefully, have your schedule right in your hand, and not worry about likes on your recent social media posts (the Top 20% know likes don’t become clients). Never again will you post to every social media platform or answer the telephone in the middle of client service

How Do You Build Clientele?


AH! Want more clients? I’ll tell you how, but it’s not glamorous! In the beginning, we were on fire, ready to offer our creativity and skills to the world, until we realized we needed clients!


Step 1. Inside the salon, deliver excellent guest services (what do you know about guest services?) to every client so you can retain and rebook them, avoiding the pain and loss of time trying to find new ones. 


Step 2: Outside of the salon, only use social media wisely to promote your services and get active in your local community (This is my favorite! It pays well). 


The beautiful objective here is that the more people aware of your services, the more clients you will attract. Bonus: If you get good at Steps 1 & 2, client referrals are on their way!”


When would be a good time for us to book a call? I’d love to help you figure out what's getting in the way of Steps 1 and 2 and get you rolling in all those client referrals.

Can You Teach Me How to Deal with Hard to Please Clients?


YES! Of course, I can. Are you looking for magic words to use? Unfortunately, these experiences happen and occasionally can’t be avoided. It can weigh heavily on us when they do, destroying our confidence and self-esteem. When conflict arises, we immediately and most often genuinely apologize. We resolve the issue by politely discounting or refunding their service. I bet you’re like me and beat yourself up because no matter how terrible you feel, you know the client will tell everyone willing to listen about their experience. 


There is another way. Ready? Here are your magic words “Client Experience.” Get good at managing your clients by putting them at the center of your world by providing over-the-top guest services and professional consultations. If you develop the skill of actively listening to your client in a way they feel heard, you’ll reduce your client conflicts significantly. Clients pay for more than your skills; they pay for your professionalism, time, and detailed attention. 


With a little bit of guidance from me, I'm positive you will handle conflict resolutions like a champ and stop worrying about bad reviews on google. 

How Do You Feel About Recommending or Selling Professional Products? What Are Your Selling Techniques?


I recognize that selling products is critical for the salon’s success, but it’s even more critical for your success. Clients need to go home with the products you used on them. They need to recreate that style daily; they are our free walking advertisements (I can see the referrals now!). I’m guessing you don’t want to sound pushy or salesy. You don’t handle rejection well, and you think I might have a trick up my sleeve. You might be right! 


My famous signature sales technique is … drumroll, please, STOP SELLING. Yep, you heard me right. Could you stop selling?  Rather than hard-selling, How open-minded are you to being the professional you are. You’re a licensed beauty professional, not a sales representative. Please stay in your lane; slow down by showing your client, educating them, and asking questions. Give your client the confidence, skills, and desire necessary for your products to fly off the shelf.  


How would you feel if your total weekly sales improved by a minimum of 10% because you stopped trying to sell products? Try it, but I have a few more simple strategies that don’t involve undesirable behaviors or memorizing sales scripts that can earn you up to 80% more sales revenue.

When Am I Ready to Open My Own Booth or Salon?


NOW! Okay, hold up, let me explain myself.  You are a creative force of nature, and you wouldn’t ask this question unless you had a solid book of clients, offer exceptional services, and practice sound money management skills. I know you’re in the Top 20% of beauty professionals, but have you taken the time to start becoming a real “beautypreneur” (business owner)? Ask yourself what you know about licensing, permits, and real estate.

How much time have you invested in studying business finance, such as taxes, payroll, and operations costs? And service models like franchises? What about loans, insurance, inventory, and staffing?


The list can go on and on. You don’t have to spend years and thousands of dollars preparing and educating yourself before acting. Studies show that highly qualified professionals give up on their dreams when faced with complex information and details are overwhelming.  Most talk themselves out of their success before they even get started. I haven’t met one successful salon owner who confessed to knowing 50% of what I just mentioned before opening their booth or salon. They all have a particular mindset, seek guidance, and develop a strategic plan.

Didn't find what you’re looking for?

Get in touch by booking a free call I am always happy to help.

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