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Do you want to take home six figures & transform your business, "Behind The Chair"?

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I help passionate female beauty solopreneurs "LIKE ME" grow, scale and leverage their beauty & wellness business by offering the confidence, education, and tools necessary to stand on their own and get the results they desire as Elite Professionals

Hello Gorgeous! 


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Hi, I'm Tara

Your Beauty Business Sister, “Behind the Chair”! 

I am a Six-Figure Hairstylist, Beauty Business Coach (for Elite Cosmetologists), SBO, Mental Wellness Advocate, and Ministry Leader. I love Jesus, period films, anything motivational, science, good books, coffee, and my silly dachshund, “Sullivan.” 

I'm also fiercely passionate about the beauty industry and helping you transform your career and business behind the chair!

"My Sullivan"
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I help passionate Hairstylists get to 6 Figures without paying for social media ads and trying to get their work noticed on Instagram by increasing their service tickets and long-term client revenue. (LTV)

Even if you experience anxiety about raising your prices, you can still increase your service tickets and long-term client revenue by 50% easily with my apporach. 

I'll show you how to stop trading your time for money by getting clients to pay you what you are worth even if your competitors are undercutting the market.

You’ll learn to connect with and empower your dreams to create a roadmap to your success and develop the ability to put yourself first. I will help you improve your essential people, money, and business skills "Behind the chair". 

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My Mission

The Elite Cosmetologist Academy

My personal goals start with helping 5,ooo passionate cosmetologists;

  • Take Home Six-Figure Incomes

  • Create Lives They LOVE



"Our industry is rapidly changing and as professionals, it's time to level up, show the world we've set a new standard." - Tara Dufour

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 I have a Gift just for you

Ready To Start Your Personal Journey Toward Success

How to get started
What She Said! 
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"The truth is you don’t need to be a well-known specialist, entertain hundreds of clients, or work excessively hard to take home six figures as a Cosmetologist! You just need a new approach.

ELITE Cosmetologist


The Commons

Myrtle Beach. South Carolina 

United States


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